ADAS Calibration

What It Is and Why You Need It

With advancements in technology and vehicle design, the need for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in modern cars has only increased. ADAS refers to a range of systems installed in vehicles that aid drivers in making better decisions on the road, enhancing their safety and the safety of the vehicles around them. However, to ensure the optimal function of these systems, ADAS calibration has become critical. Read on to learn what ADAS calibration is and why every vehicle owner should consider getting it.

About It

ADAS systems are designed to work together, with each component interacting with one another in a coordinated way to provide the best possible outcome. Calibration, in this case, refers to the process of making sure all the components of the ADAS are working in harmony. ADAS calibration involves testing and adjusting cameras, sensors, and other components of ADAS to ensure that they work as they're supposed to. It's essential to have these systems calibrated regularly as minor adjustments can significantly impact your vehicle's safety, overall performance, and accuracy of the systems.

When to Get It

There are several occasions in which you should consider getting ADAS calibration. One of them includes changing the windshield of your vehicle. ADAS uses cameras and sensors that work specifically with the windshield. Hence, replacing it may require reprogramming so that the sensors and cameras can work correctly with the new windshield. ADAS calibration is also necessary after any collision repair work. This is especially true for sensors, cameras, and other components that may have been affected during the accident. Calibration after repair work is important to ensure that the system is working correctly so that the vehicle owner can drive safely.

At Shepherd Automotive, we use the latest technology and equipment that adheres to strict manufacturer specifications to carry out ADAS calibration correctly. Our expert technicians perform perfect calibration to ensure that your vehicle's ADAS system is functioning to its full potential.

Trust Shepherd Automotive for ADAS

In conclusion, ADAS calibration is an essential process that all vehicle owners should consider performing. It ensures that the ADAS system functions correctly, thus improving the overall safety on the road. Considering how critical these systems are, make sure that you have them calibrated regularly and after any significant repair work has been done. Trust Shepherd Automotive in Oklahoma City, OK, for reliable and efficient ADAS calibration services. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment.

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