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Common Brake Repairs and Maintenance Services

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Brakes are one of the most vital safety components of your vehicle. They can be the difference between a near-miss and a catastrophic accident. This is why it is essential to keep them in good condition. Shepherd Automotive, your trusted auto repair shop in Oklahoma City, OK, believes that it is crucial to educate our clients on common brake repairs and maintenance services. This will help drivers to stay alert to potential brake problems and take necessary measures to prevent them.

Brake Services

  1. Brake Pads and Shoes Replacement: Brake pads and shoes wear out over time due to friction and heat generated during braking. Worn-out brake pads can cause inconsistent braking, noise, and vibrations while stopping. Replacing the brake pads and shoes at regular intervals is crucial to ensure safety. At Shepherd Automotive, we recommend brake pads and shoes replacement every 30,000 miles or as per the manufacturer's recommendations.
  2. Brake Fluid Flush: Brake fluid is responsible for transferring the brake force from the pedals to the calipers and brake pads. Over time, the brake fluid accumulates moisture, dirt, and debris that can lead to brake failures, corrosion and damage to the brake system. A regular brake fluid flush every 2 years or 30,000 miles can prevent potential damage to the brake system.
  3. Rotors and Drums Resurfacing: The brake rotors and drums are responsible for mounting the brake pads and shoes and help stop the vehicle. Over time, brake rotors and drums become warped, scored, and damaged due to heat and friction. Resurfacing the rotors and drums can extend their lifespan and prevent further damage. At Shepherd Automotive, we use state-of-the-art equipment to resurface rotors and drums.
  4. Brake Caliper Replacement: The brake calipers hold the brake pads and help them stop the vehicle by creating friction. Worn-out or faulty calipers can cause dragging, uneven braking, or complete brake failure. Replacing the calipers at the first sign of wear or leakage is essential to ensure continued safety.
  5. ABS System Repair: ABS systems are designed to prevent wheel-locking and maintain better control of the vehicle in an emergency braking situation. An ABS system malfunction can cause the brakes to lock up, making it challenging to stop the vehicle quickly and safely. Regular checks and maintenance of the ABS system can prevent such malfunctions.

Complete Brake Services With Our Team

Keeping your brakes in the top condition is crucial to ensure your safety while driving. At Shepherd Automotive, we offer complete brake repair and maintenance services that include brake pads and shoes replacement, brake fluid flush, rotor, and drum resurfacing, caliper replacement, and ABS system repair. Our expert technicians use advanced tools and techniques to diagnose and repair any brake-related problems. Regular brake inspections and timely repairs can help prolong the lifespan of your brakes, save you money and most importantly, keep you safe on the road. Contact us today to schedule a brake checkup or any other auto repair services.

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