Kyle Saiki
Google review 1/16/2017

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Thank you for the excellent review.

Anthony King
Google review 10/28/2016

They are fair and knowledgeable. I've used them for years.

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Thank you for the excellent review.

Google review 8/8/2016

Had them replace the air conditioner in my wife's car a few years ago. I spent over $900 to get everything replaced now 27,000 miles later the air is out again and they are saying over $1400 to fix it again! How can the factory air conditioner work for 11 years from the factory but their work can't even make it 3 years? Obviously I would not recommend them to ANYONE! Be advised! They really don't even deserve one star but it wont let me post this without at least a star.

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Thank you for the excellent review.

Liz D.
Yelp review 9/29/2015

Shepherd Automotive helped us out big time in our way home to Texas from Nebraska. Our engine over heated and needed a new coolant motor,modulator and thermostat. They stayed after closing to complete the job and checked on us the next day to make sure we arrived home safe. Anyone living in Oklahoma City show check them out.

Jim Jost
Google review 7/1/2015

I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. These guys are professional and honest. They have frequently gone out of their way to satisfy my needs.

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Thank you for your years of loyal patronage.

Kelsey Gilbert
Google review 6/18/2015

Everyone over at Shepherd is extremely helpful and they are able to get things done quickly and easily! I have been there multiple times and will continue going back! Great company!

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Thank you for the excellent review.

Jason Roe
Google review 10/8/2014

I made an appointment to have my timing belt replaced and A/C fixed on Friday. They said it could be done in one day. I dropped it off before they opened and they called me at 11:30 (3.5hrs to diagnose an A/C????) with a diagnosis for my A/C (as well as $2,000 worth of other "needed" repairs). I said fix the A/C and timing belt. He said Ok we should have it done by Monday. I told him we have 4 kids and need the van this weekend. He said the repairs call for 5 hrs and it would be close for them to get it done today so they could do the timing belt today and I could bring it back for the A/C. With not much of a choice that is what I did. They got the work done the next day I was able to bring it in. I feel like they didn't respect my time or the hassle it is to arrange for my wife and kids to have no transportation all day. If you tell a customer you can do something and then find out it might take an extra 30 minutes, I expect you to uphold your word especially when it should have been diagnosed first thing in the morning which would have left plenty of time to complete the job that day. Also they recommended a $40 or $50 oil change because my oil was low. I checked my oil after I picked it up and oddly enough it was slightly overfull. They also tried to charge me an extra $80 for part of the a/c service. I called him out on it and he quickly fixed it. Even though when I paid he had to fix it again because it was still $10 more than he said. What probably bothered me most was that when I mentioned my frustrations all I received was a list of excuses as to why they were not going to do what they said they would do. Overall the work was fine. The a/c works great and the their prices were the best I could find. The counter guy Gene was polite, but needs to know that customers don't want to hear excuses. Not a bad place to take your vehicle, but just as questionable as most other shops. Review your bill before paying and you'll probably be fine. I went out of my way to go to Shepherd Automotive, but probably won't pass by 30 other shops next time I need work done.

Tina M.
Yelp review 2/2/2014

Left my car in their hands for 4 days, trusting that it would be fixed and safe. It was returned with same problem and three items stolen.. after a police report and talking to Guy. The car is not fixed and he will not replace the stolen items. Very disappointed in the service.. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!

Alexander R.
Yelp review 7/31/2013

Guy Shepherd has to be the most honest mechanic I've ever met. I asked his shop to tackle a problem that was hard to track down on a vehicle that I bought from ebay. His shop is competent and thorough and after doing a full inspection with repairs on my Sprinter I came away knowing that I had a sound vehicle that will likely last a good long time.

Brad Womack
Google review 1/17/2013

WOW!! These guys are great!! I have taken all of my autos here since they first opened. The owner: Guy, is top notch. He has become a great friend. It's hard to find someone in this industry that will shoot trait with you, even if he won't make money on his advice. Take your repair needs to this company, you won't be sorry.

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Thank you for the excellent review.

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