Alex Fuller
Google review 7/19/2023

They were great! Scott was very helpful throughout the entire process.

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Thank you for trusting us with your Highlander.

Nancy Nortz
Google review 7/16/2023

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Thank you for trusting us with your MKS.

Rance Edwards
Google review 7/4/2023

Reply from Business

Thank you for your excellent review.

Kathy Lacy
Google review 7/2/2023

Very professional business excellent mechanics and very pleased with their work

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Thank you for trusting us with your Expedition.

El Mo
Google review 6/30/2023

Don't go to these guys they will try to milk you. Now I never ever right reviews even but these guys deserve to be known about. Went in cause my AC isn't working so I paid for an ac inspection 200 but. First they tell me drop off the car at 8 AM they didn't even start inspection it until 420PM so the car had to stay over night to have it checked. The next day they want another 150 to keep inspecting the AC on the car cause now they think it's an electrical issue, fine here's another 150. They tell me the compressor is shot, first of all you can test a compressor by just tur I g on it with a wrench very easy. They want 2,000 plus to do the entire ac system . They also tested and inspected the entire car which I did not ask for I went for AC nothing else and they quote ridiculous amounts of money for brake pads and rotors almost 800 but. It does not cost 800 for brakes and rotors surprise surprise I'm a mechanic too Sheperd. These people want to dig deep into your pockets guys listen to me to do not go to these guys seriously. Never again

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Thank you for taking time to review our company. We have no record of your visit. If you could could give us more information, we could try to see how we could help. Please call 405-843-8500

Kyle Flinton
Google review 6/29/2023

Shepherd Automotive has wonderful staff and they do a good job!

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Thank you for trusting us with your vehicles.

Henry Gaines
Google review 6/26/2023

Don't trust these guys with your vehicle. My car was making a knocking noise. After running a diagnostic test, I asked them to fix the noise. I Paid them $1200. I picked it up days later they tell me it's fixed. Drive off and it's still knocking. I take it back and they call me the next day and tell me the engines blown. But they got their 1200 dollars. After fixing absolutely nothing!

Reply from Business

Mr. Gaines, we have you listed under a different name. But I assume we're talking about your 2005 Ford Expedition. Part of the difficulty of this business is the shop tends to get blamed for neglect. Your car came in with 50% of the oil necessary and 2 years past due on the oil change. By some miracle, we were able to perform some maintenance and get it running correctly again. In actuality the car did leave our shop running great with no noise. The failure occurred two weeks later, after being driven nearly 100 miles and brought with the engine failed. I'm sorry this happened but we had no reason to condemn the engine at the first visit. We have record of performing an oil pressure test after initial service, proving it was within specification. This failure is just a result of bad maintenance. Also worth mentioning, In effort to help in a difficult situation you were not charged for the second round of testing. In actuality, we did everything we could to help you. There is nothing more we could've done for you Mr. Gaines.

Casey Hair
Google review 6/16/2023

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Thank you for your excellent review.

Andrea Briggs
Google review 6/14/2023

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Thank you for trusting us with your Camry.

Albert Moore
Google review 6/9/2023

Very courteous and helpful. Thanks for the ride!

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Thank you for trusting us with your Pacifica.

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