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No One Likes a Hot Car

A hot car can be miserable for the driver and any passengers in your cabin, including your pets. Did you know that a poorly-functioning air conditioning system affects more than just the passengers inside your vehicle? If left unchecked, a small issue, like low refrigerant, can become a severe and expensive repair of the entire system. So, when you start noticing something isn’t right with your car’s AC, it’s important to turn to a trusted automotive repair shop, like Shepherd Automotive, as soon as you can. We have the trained staff to help get your car in and out of the shop while taking care of all your auto’s AC repair needs. Don’t trust anyone else to help you keep your cool. Contact us today to schedule your auto’s next AC service or repair.

Air Conditioning Repair - Issues & Causes

Many of the cool air output issues with the AC system are caused by the refrigerant level. An important part of the cooling system, when you don’t have enough refrigerant in the vehicle, you will feel a significant decrease in the cooling capability. Worse, if water has gotten in and mixed with the refrigerant, the result is a highly corrosive acid that can destroy rubber seals that prevent refrigerant leaks. A failing AC compressor with too much refrigerant can be heard in a high-pitched squeal or other loud noise whenever the system is turned on. If you are experiencing a strange smell instead, you may have a dirty or damp cabin filter, or if the technician finds the filter is fine, it could be a blockage in the compressor. No strange noises or smells, but the AC system isn’t pushing out hot or cold air? Debris, like mold or environmental conditions, in the evaporator core can also create a blockage in your air conditioning system. We do not recommend continuing to drive while experiencing any of these issues. Instead, make an appointment with Shepherd Automotive to check the system while it’s still a manageable problem.

We’re Your One-Stop Automotive Repair Shop

Our knowledgeable team of air conditioning system technicians is well-equipped with the most current equipment for the diagnosis and repair of your AC system. We also include your AC in our scheduled maintenance plans. Each is tailored to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle and can be adjusted to fit your budget. Whether the issue is with the filter, condenser, compressor, or any parts associated with the air conditioning in your vehicle, our technicians are ready and available to help. We use the best parts for your vehicle and back all of our repairs with a 36-month / 36,000-mile Nationwide Parts and Labor Warranty. So, if you require a cool breeze or want to talk about our scheduled maintenance plans, feel free to contact our office or stop by our location for an appointment today.

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