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This Japanese automotive brand is well-known for its all-wheel drive vehicles that set the bar throughout the industry, but even these unique vehicles have their share of issues. Whether your Subaru was hit with the Denso fuel pump failure, a prematurely drained battery, or unexpected acceleration when you’re braking or stopped, at Shepherd Automotive, our technicians are well-trained in these Subaru-specific issues and many others. We want you to know our staff is qualified to handle all of your Subaru repairs and maintenance. Stop in our shop in Oklahoma City, or give us a call to make an appointment. We are always prepared to get you back on the road in your Subaru.


Maintenance Schedule

While we always recommend following the maintenance schedule as prescribed in your owner’s manual, we also encourage Subaru owners to contract with Shepherd’s Automotive for a scheduled maintenance plan. Not only will this help you reach the longevity goals you may have for your vehicle, but it doesn’t matter if you plan on driving 50,000 or 200,000 miles. Scheduled maintenance will help keep you ahead of any potential issues that may arise from normal wear and tear. This investment in your vehicle will also help prevent any unexpected issues, as our team knows the signs pointing towards the bigger, more expensive (and often inconvenient) repairs or replacements. After each visit, we will lay out our findings and present viable options, so you can make an informed decision to keep you on the road safely. Our team is also aware of brand recalls for Subaru, like the brake light switch defect caused by chemical build-up, the increase in spontaneous windshield cracks after the company switched to ‘acoustic glass,’ and the increase in rodent-chewed wires caused by their soy-based coatings. As part of our team’s continuing education on all brands, the staff at Shepherd Automotive strives to stay knowledgeable in not only the issues but the manufacturer’s solutions to these problems that can keep you parked.

Recommended Services

Aside from the manufacturer’s recommendations, we also offer additional services for Subaru owners to improve mileage, increase trade-in value and save you money and time in the future. We will do an oil and oil filter change when you bring your vehicle in for the routine 6,000-mile service. We’ll also rotate and balance your tires. We also recommend that Subaru owners bring their vehicles in before or after unusual usage, like cross-country trips, changes in terrain, or towing a trailer, to check for any unexpected wear and tear. This will help prevent unintentional repairs, especially when done before a trip, when you’re in the middle of nowhere. So, if you are ready to have your Subaru serviced or repaired or interested in our scheduled maintenance plans, feel free to contact our office or stop by our location for an appointment today.

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